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Merican Muffler in Greensboro NC
A five star muffler repair and custom exhaust shop in Greensboro NC

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Catalytic Converter & Oxygen Sensors Replacement
Tony Gooden   April 7, 2019
Check Engine Light was on. I called and spoke to John. I was told to come the next day, I did and saw Joel. He ordered an "OE" converter and both oxygen sensors for my 05 Grand Caravan. The work was performed and it runs like new and I was told if anything needs checking to bring it right back. The price was right also. Thanks "MERICAN" I will be back for other work I need on my Caravan, and also thanks to "TAYLOR'S AUTO REPAIR" on CONE BOULEVARD for recommending the shop. JOHN and JOEL  ARE VERY PROFESSIONAL,THANKS AGAIN

Best auto repair shop in Greensboro!
Sam   May 4, 2018
Joel and the crew at Merican Muffler & Auto Repair are the best in the business.  Just had new Flowmaster's put on my Mustang, John did an awesome job on the install and they sound incredible!  I highly recommend Merican Muffler to anyone who wants their automobile serviced in and around the Greensboro area.  Great job guys!

These Guys Are Awesome!!
Taylor   November 13, 2017
I must admit, I didn't have any idea where to start but Joel & John helped recommend and explain exactly what I would want.  Extremely friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.  They had an idea of what I wanted and honestly I couldn't have asked for a better sound on my car.  Definitely will recommend them to anyone needing muffler work, and will go back to them if I never need any additional work to be done.

Squeeky Exhaust
John Lennox   November 3, 2017
These guys are excellent.  Can’t say enough about them.  Fixed Meineke’s bad work.  Great job.

Custom Pipe Bends
Bill    September 18, 2017
Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.  They were able to custom bend my exhaust pipe to a perfect fit without my disabled vehicle to work with.  I will take all my future exhaust needs to Merican Muffler.

Fair About the Price and Diligent About the Service
Rabbi Yitzhak  August 25, 2017
I only give excellent reviews when they're well-deserved. Had a tricky problem to adjust the exhaust noise on my Dodge Challenger. Tricky because there's no way to know exactly what the modifications are going to do until after it's done, and then some usually has to be re-done.

Joel & John did exactly what one would hope: they were clear about what they could and could not promise, spent a substantial amount of time reviewing the various options and suggestions before doing anything or charging me anything, and then they delivered everything they promised and more.

It took 2 rounds for us to get it the way I wanted it. That's not because they did anything wrong. To the contrary, it could have taken many more tries if they hadn't been so thorough. They were fair about the price and diligent about the service and the quality of it.

Sonya Leary  August 25, 2017
Great customer service and prices you will not find a place better.

Merican Muffler Saved Me
Steve Walton  August 3, 2017
My exhaust manifold had rusted out.  I had been quoted repair costs from 2 other mechanics in the thousands of dollars with the worst case scenario of engine replacement. Time was running out because the check engine light was on, inspection was due, and the deadline for tag renewal was looming. Merican Muffler fixed my truck professionally and timely as if this was a typical problem.  There was no drama.  I was able to get it inspected and the tag renewed with minimal trouble.  Thank you Merican Muffler.

Awesome Work, Great Service
Larry Kellam  July 22, 2017
Joel and Team installed my exhaust system on my sons Mustang and Truck.  Best service around.  They made sure everything was perfect before I left.  Thanks again for the Great Service.

Lightning Fast, Professional Service!
Melissa Berry  June 14, 2017
Dropped my car off with a bad oxygen senor that another shop couldn't get off.  Within minutes-they had the problem taken care of.  In and out in under 3 hours without an appointment!  Highly impressed and very thankful! And a big up to Joel for taking me home while the car was being serviced!  It's those little extra's that keep people like me coming back! Thanks again!

Best Ever
Randy Owens  April 22, 2017
I took my 87 Silverado in to have the exhaust system replaced. I wanted a good sound, but not too loud. They knew exactly what would work, and it did! I took the long way home just to listen to that new system! The price was well within my budget, and the service, quality of work is excellent. Their pipe bender is an artist! No need to go anywhere else.

Awesome Job!
Stephen Calhoun  April 20, 2017
I highly recommend the guys at Merican Muffler. I brought my 2015 Chevrolet 2500hd in to do some custom exhaust work and the guys were very helpful listening to what I wanted done. These guys are awesome I highly recommend them. I will definitely be using their services in the future.

Cory  April 17, 2017
I didn't know anything about exhausts or mufflers going in to this, but I took my Camaro in and explained what I was looking for and what my options were. Joel took a look and explained exactly what they would be doing to customize the exhaust and gave his recommendation. I took his recommendation and let them do their thing and was able to pick it up that same day. I couldn't be happier with the final product. It was exactly what I was looking for and completely blew away my expectations. Merican Muffler will always have my business from here on out, would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thanks again guys.

But Above All It Was Your Honesty...
Ken M  March 15, 2017
I want to thank you very much for your service today on my vehicle. I really appreciate you taking me in and accommodating my needs right away. Your kind courteous professional service was a pleasure to deal with. But above all it was your honesty and your willingness to completely lay out the situation to me and not exploit my ignorance. For this I thank you and highly recommend you to any and all other customers. I will continue to promote you and promote your business in my circle of friends and in my community.

Amazing Service!
Ryan  September 14, 2016
Merican Muffler did a great job fixing my exhaust!  Dropped the car off the night before and it was ready to go at 11am the next morning!  The thing I appreciated most though was that Joel actually walked into the shop and grabbed the piece that was replaced just to show me the damage and prove the work was done.  I highly suggest coming here for any and all exhaust needs.  I know I'll be back next time I have an issue!

Meghan  July 18, 2016
I went to get my muffler fixed at Merican Muffler after being told by another car shop that I would have to buy a new muffler (at three times the cost). After hearing that, I searched around and after talking to this shop, I found that I actually didn't need a new one, just a repair done on the one I had. I am so thankful that I went to Merican Muffler because I got great customer service, and they did a great job on my car. It's so quiet now and I really appreciate how friendly that he was! Thank you!! I will definitely recommend you!

Greatest Guys To Work With
Dennis Rhoton  July 18, 2016
Went in for a flow master on my 2006 2500 HD Chevy. Would have cost me a lot more than it's worth. These guys came up with a plan of action for a different muffler and cost so little. I waited only 45 minutes and they were done. Great work and awesome experience with these guys. I love the sound of my truck. I wasted 1/2 tank of gas that day just to hear that sound. Thanks guys. You are the best.

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Blair  July 11, 2016
My son's jeep was making a rattle and having loss of power.  Could it be the ignition, fuel pump, clogged filter, or the computer?  I knew the exhaust was the rattle so I went to 'merican muffler. they replaced the clogged and broken catalytic converter. Great work fast and didn't sell me a lot of parts that I didn't need. Rattle fixed and power returned.   Highly recommend!!

Professionalism in Greensboro
William   June 15, 2016
Decided it was time to treat my 2011 Ford Ranger to a new High Performance muffler and Dual Exhaust. I looked at a few of the bigger places that advertised custom muffler, but decided to look up who the number 1 muffler shop in the area was; it didn’t take me long to see that Merican Muffler held that distinction.  Took my truck up there and talked to Joel who made some recommendations and quoted a very fair price.  I was back there the next week to have the work done and see some real professionals at work. The entire process was explained to me before and after it was done.  The tech made his recommendations but left the choices to me.  When I was called out to check the job out, it was very refreshing to see the pride he took in his work and I could see why.  Everything fit like a glove and was a sight to behold.  The truck looks and sounds great and the price was right at what I was quoted.  This shop truly rates its number 1 standing and I recommend anyone that needs any kind of work (not just mufflers) to check this place out first, you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Customer
Esha   May 13, 2016
My muffler was cracked and I took my car there. The staff was very friendly and the service was excellent. It took no time for them to diagnose the problem and fix it so I could be on my way. I would definitely take my car there if I have any future problems.

Good Ole Fashion Service
Donald   March 29, 2016
These guys are professional in every way. They do five star work and they're very personable.  Good ole fashion quality work. This is the kind of shop you hope all places would be. ....I'm very happy.

Royce   February 12, 2016
I just had my exhaust system replaced today at Merican Muffler. I called in the morning and the mechanic said bring it in. I did as soon as I could. I wasn't first so I had to wait my turn. No problem. As I waited I spoke to the owner and the mecahnics as they were in and out of the shop. They were pleasant and friendly in conversation. I was there during lunch and Joel the owner asked if I would like to ride with him to grab a bite to eat since I was stuck there at lunch time. I had lunch with him at a nearby restaurant and he even paid paid for my lunch. He said he was appreciative of my business and patience so he wanted to buy my lunch. That was way beyond anything I would ever expect from a business owner. I'm terrible with names but I think Mike did the work on my truck. I got to talk to him before, during and after the installation and I a very pleased with the results. He was very knowledgable and his work is impeccable. This was quality  work and professional service at a great price. I will not go anywhere else for my exhaust services and I have already told several friends about the great service I had today and will recommend them to everyone.

Semper Fi

Quality Service and People
Skyler Nelson   October 1, 2015
Mike did a great job on my camaro.  Called and came by on a Saturday and he was able to fit us in.  Quick service and car sounds great!  Highly recommend.

Quality Service and People
Garry Johnson   September 18, 2015
Was extremely happy about the work they did on my Impala. The price was great and the people were very friendly. I would highly recommend.

Very Pleased!
Carol P.   September 15, 2015
Very pleased with the professionalism, timely service and mannerly customer service.  They address issues, communicate what needs to be done, and they get it done, using quality parts.  Would highly recommend!

Great Work, Fair Prices
Kay   August 27, 2015
I've been using these guys for 5 years or so, for just about everything from a major engine repair to inspections.  I'm mechanically inclined, so I can tell if someone is pulling my leg about what needs to be done. I have to live with a B-U-D-G-E-T, and they'll tell me what needs to be fixed now, and what can wait. They're honest and their prices are fair, and the work gets done on time. I love them.

Honest and Quality
Nick P.  February 18, 2015
I thought I had signs of a bad catalytic converter... turns out I had bought a bad coil pack from Autozone. Mike took care of the issue and even insisted that I try to get a refund on the broke part.  Since it was a small job I asked about an upgrade and he helped me out by adding a Magnaflo muffler to my jeep wrangler. THANK YOU for being a great straight forward shop.


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Merican Muffler in Greensboro NC

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